MEANING: You know that old work-ethic mentality: no pain, no gain. Only hard work and struggle will bring you success. Life is not easy. Life's a bitch, and then you die. You know, that sort of thing. We don't call that either making a living or making a life. We call that hard labor. Many of you have sentenced yourself to a life of hard labor. When you focus on getting into the flow of energy from your soul all the resources you need to manifest your heart's desires become available to you. And those resources include money. You have available to you all the money in the universe. Money is simply an expression of energy. Energy is limitless and infinite. So is money. Life, as your soul intended it, is not a game of seek and find. It's a game of remembering. Remembering who you are. Remembering all you seek is within you. Remembering you are good. Remembering you are a citizen of the universe and deserve all the abundance the universe wants to give you. Remembering you are God. When you remember you will know the difference between making a dreary living and making a joyous life. And you will know money is simply flowing energy.