[ AIR ]
Air is waking consciousness..

"All things share the same breath — the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports." ~ Chief Seattle

Oh, sacred Spirit of the East, I turn to the dawn of a new day and the youth of life, to the place of vision, inspiration and fresh starts. I open to receive peace, light and new life as I rise up each morning.
I look to the direction of the East, the place of creativity, co-creation, and conscious leadership. Please share your wisdom, understanding and intellect with me so that I may walk the path of truth.
I ponder on all the aspects of the East and new beginnings in my life. What visions and plans am I creating? What preparations do I need to make?
I call in the eye of the eagle so that I am able to see the big picture. Oh captivating eagle, I know you are the reflection of my higher mind, and I open to receive your gifts of intuition.
I draw in fresh air, which is my connection to life. With my first breath, I integrated my spirit into this physical existence, the plane of manifestation and waking consciousness.
Air pervades everything on earth. I welcome the spirit of thought, ideas and intellect from air. I honor the freedom of air and I, too, am free to travel with the rhythm of wind.
My mind is peaceful, controlled and balanced. My thoughts are in a place of inner silence. I receive powerful cosmic energy from above.
Oh Spirit of Father Sky, Angelic realms of the Most High, the countless stars of the night remind me that you are vast, beautiful and majestic beyond all my understanding. Your light shines upon the earth both day and night guiding my every step.
I thank you Father Sky, for you are consistent, reliable and predictable. I feel safe in your masculine energy, which is strong and stable. I call upon you for help with order and discipline. Thank you for being here now.

What are my visions and goals?
Am I willing to see things clearly with the help of the wisdom of the East?
What new, fresh start do I wish to create?

I am free like the air.