Let’s co-create!



Important note: due to the many requests we receive on a daily basis, we need to remind authors that we don’t create oracle decks from scratch. Instead, we help them  convert their already existing material into mobile apps. That means that if you are serious about this project, please send us some samples of your work (texts, illustrations, audio files for guided meditations), so we can review them. We won’t be able to answer partnership inquiries which don’t contain some examples. Thank you for your understanding.

You are an author, and you already created an oracle cards deck or a set of guided meditation? And you would like now to adapt it to the mobile platforms?

We can certainly help you make the next step!

Our goal is to bring great and profound products to people, so they can assist them in their daily life. It is really a work of love. So we see ourselves as facilitators who offer their design and technical knowledge to help authors reach a new audience. Mobile devices are more and more popular, and this is now a platform that can’t be ignored by those who want to broaden the visibility of their work. Moreover, we are also covering historical platforms, like Web/Facebook, to maximize potentials and put innovative marketing strategies in place.

By creating a growing catalogue, we also want to put a structure into a very scattered market. Today, there are many great apps which go almost unnoticed: they are lost among the ocean of other apps published every day. Our intention is then to federate authors, and have a pool of apps that will create a “mass effect” —  becoming a central hub where people interested in those kind of products can find them easily.

Our approach is to create something together. That means that we are willing to start working on a project for free, then share the revenue in a very fair way once the product is on sale. In that respect, no investment is necessary at the beginning, except energy and passion! The author brings his work and ideas, and we provide all the technical and design expertise (and ideas too!). We also take in charge the publishing of apps on the various stores (Apple AppStore, Android Play Store and Amazon App Store).  We strongly believe that a win-win situation is the key to a solid and enjoyable collaboration.

If you are interested in exploring a possible partnership with us, feel free to contact us at contact@indie-goes.com (please include samples of your work, like illustrations and texts, so we can review them) . We are looking forward to hearing from you!