Let’s talk about us

Indie Goes is a creative software studio located in Paris / France, and was founded by Frédéric Calendini.

Frédéric has been a long time developer, designer and project manager/executive for big French companies. At some point though, this activity didn’t appear as fulfilling as it should have been. Not in its nature itself, but more in the fact it was not put at the service of stimulating projects. There had to be a better way to use all this creativity, and bring exciting and inspiring content to people. “Indie Goes” was born.

We all see that times are changing, and that people need access to more profound and meaningful products in order to connect to a deeper part of themselves. By getting access to beautiful and enlightening material, everybody will then be able to receive the proper inspiration and follow their own guidance. There are so many authors who have beautiful things to share, and our joy would be to help them reach a wider audience through quality and fun projects. We strongly believe that technology and spirituality are not incompatible. That’s why we want to create software — but software with a soul.

We hope you will enjoy our creations, as they really are a work of love. Thank you!

The “Indie Goes” team