Screenshot1John Cali’s Messages From Spirit:

Get hundreds of messages for daily guidance from your Spirit Guides! Available on iPhone / iPad and Android / Amazon devices.

For many years a non-physical group of spirit guides, known simply as “Spirit”, have offered their wisdom and guidance for living a life filled with love and joy. Channelled by John Cali, Spirit’s messages remind us we are powerful creators, divine beings in human form. We have the power and wisdom to make a positive difference in our world, in the lives of others, and in our own lives.

You may use these messages as often and for whatever reasons you wish. However, you’ll find the messages are particularly powerful in dealing with the daily issues we all face. You’ll be amazed at the synchronicity of the process—you’ll get the exact message you need for the daily issues you’re experiencing today.

Before you draw your message, get into a quiet, meditative state. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind. Then begin.

You can, for example, ask a question and then draw a message. Or you can pick a topic you want a message on. Or simply be open to whatever message your spirit guides want to give you. Then draw your message.

You may also want to browse through the messages, picking one or more that appeal to you. Any way you choose to do it works.

As you know, there are no “coincidences” or “accidents.” The messages you draw will be perfect for you because your spirit guides are always tuned in to you. Trust them to deliver the exact message you need to hear at that moment.

Think of this as your own private access to your spirit guides any time you want their guidance. Approach the process playfully, joyfully—as you would a game. Except this is the game of life.

Games are supposed to be fun. Life is supposed to be fun. So engage your soul, your spirit guides and their messages with the clear intent to more deeply know and love yourself and your life.

These messages will serve to remind you who you really are — God in human form, with all the power that goes with being divine. Download the app now by clicking one logo below.

Download the app now by clicking one logo below, or get free readings by trying our online demo versions on Facebook!

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