We feel honored and privileged to work with many talented and inspiring authors all around the world! Each project is a unique joint venture, and we are happy to help our partners find new ways of sharing their work with people.

Here is a list of our great Indie Goes partners (sorted in random order):


Dana Whitby

Dana Whitby has used and loved divination cards of all kinds since 1999. She holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a masters degree in Counseling. Dana uses a rich toolbox of spiritual modalities with her clients, including Mediumship, Regression Therapy, Holy Fire Reiki, and Meditation. She is also host to The Soul Rising Podcast, which premiered on November 6, 2018. Currently, she works as a grief counselor with children. Dana lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, two children, and their German Shepherd.

Visit her website: www.danawhitby.com

Learn more about the “Inner Compass Oracle” deck

Fleur Barnfather

Fleur is a Visionary Creative, and is passionate about assisting with the positive evolution of our beautiful planet. She weaves new codes into everything that she creates and is an advocate for everyone living their best, most creative lives. She believes that the more we feel empowered, aligned and inspired, the more we help the whole evolution of all.

Visit her website now: https://www.fleurbarnfatherart.com/

Learn more about the “Magical Guidance Oracle” deck

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice is a lifelong student of all things Spiritual and Metaphysical. She is currently delving deeper into the mysticism of Oracle cards as well as the Tarot. She is also an avid animal lover and currently lives in Florida.

Learn more about the “Receive and Release” deck

Deja Drewit

Deja Osbourne is an artist & graphic designer in Southern California who began to create oracle cards after becoming a new single mother and quitting her full-time job. Deja is passionate about helping and empowering others to be healthy, happy, and truly fulfilled. She loves to design creative and helpful solutions for others.

Visit her website now: https://www.dejadrewit.com/

Learn more about the “Manifest Success Oracle” deck, the “Love Story Oracle Deck” and the “Personal Power Oracle deck“…

Heather Davis

From the time she was a child, Heather knew her life purpose was steeped in magic. Through many hardships and years of self-discovery, she finally found herself aligning with her true calling as a spiritual healer. Her tumultuous history has helped her develop a compassionate, but straightforward way of healing. Her work as an intuitive healer, psychic life coach, and Reiki master has taught her even more about life and spirituality. All of this knowledge is shared in the Sparkle and Shine oracle deck, along with Divine knowledge from her connection with Angels and Ascended Masters. Her ever-present goal is to help others heal, empower themselves, and love, so they can create magic in their lives.
Visit her website now: https://www.healwithheatherkristen.com/

Learn more about the “Sparkle & Shine Oracle” deck

Joanna Salerno & Lainie Sevante Wulkan

Joanna Salerno is Spiritual Director, Craniosacral Therapist, Vibrational Healer and Intuitive reader, specializing in Akashic Records and Angel Tarot. Her studies with food began over 40 years ago when she read Adele Davis’ “Let’s Eat Right” and Francis Moore Lappe’s ” Diet for a Small Planet,” which led her to a decade of vegetarianism and organic gardening. Her love of healthy, healing organic food was firmly established after she began working for an organic food distributor and co-op.

Lainie Sevante’ Wulkan is a fourth-generation intuitive. She has been reading tarot and oracle cards for the last 30 years and is a Certified Reader of other decks. She teaches courses on Five Element living and the balancing of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Lainie is an Advanced Certified Theta Healer and brings this wisdom into her client healing sessions. She has a worldwide reading clientele and helps guide them by moving into their truer state of empowerment and dharmic destiny.

Visit their website now: www.foodhealingdeck.com or their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/foodhealingdeck/

Learn more about the Food Healing oracle deck and the Food Healing – Second Helpings oracle deck


LON creates sacred geometry art images that are visual meditation tools, or Activations, that help people to navigate these changing times and activate thinking outside the box so that people can make real changes in their lives. Her Activations have been called living art, as they appear to be alive with energy, evoking powerful emotions and inspiring new thoughts.

LON lives in San Diego, California, and offers lectures and workshops, individual sessions, and intuitive counseling to support a new way of thinking and activate people toward becoming fully multidimensional human beings. She also creates personal Soul Activations based on an individual’ s unique energy, helping them to step into the highest expression of themselves.

Visit her website now: www.lon-art.com or her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ActivationsArt

Learn more about the “Sacred Geometry Activations” deck

Lyrane Hill

Lyrane Hill is an Australian astrologer, consulting professionally since 1987 in Melbourne, Victoria. After she had pondered for a few years about the power of the astrological moment, Starspeak downloaded into her mind during the early hours of one magical morning.

Visit her website now for readings and articles: www.lyranehill.com or her Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/StarspeakAstrology/.

Learn more about the “Starspeak Astrology” app

Tiffany Stiles

Tiffany Stiles is a Metaphysical Life Coach. She is a Psychic, intuitive Empath. A reader, feeler and healer with energy. As a truth seeker she is committed to sharing her experiences with the world to assist others. In counseling Empaths for many years, Tiffany was guided to create the Empath Guidance and Empowerment Oracle Cards to assist Empaths on their life path and journey as a healer. Tiffany has been sharing her Energy Reports for years to guide Empaths, and energy sensitives so they may be prepared for what type of energy comes our way at any given time.

Follow Tiffany on Twitter and Facebook, and check out her web page at www.tiffany-stiles.com.

Learn more about the “Empath Guidance Oracle Cards” app

Janet Chui

Janet was born in Singapore, and since childhood, she found refuge and expression in drawing things both real and imagined. After graduating in 2000 with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Kentucky, she attended the 2002 Clarion Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. In 2009, she became a Best Artist finalist for the World Fantasy Award.

Since becoming a mum, Janet has been more inclined to embrace her unusual creative gifts. She enjoys painting, writing, speaking, teaching, and weird conversations. After a few years of Buddhist meditation, Janet found herself literally awakened by a visitation in 2011, and hasn’t emerged from the rabbit hole since. Her interests include art, history, environmentalism, socio-economics, politics, and metaphysics. Janet lives in Singapore with her father and a rambunctious daughter who likes helping.

Follow Janet on Twitter and Facebook and check out her web page at www.janetchui.com.

Learn more about the “Self-Love Oracle Cards” app

Roxi Sim Hermsen

Canadian Artist Roxi Sim-Hermsen (DFA, B.Ed. 5th yr. counselling) has a colourful and distinctive style.  Her artwork and art decks are collected internationally.  She is best known for Pearls of Wisdom Tarot (now in third edition) and Joy and Sorrow Oracle.  Roxi’s art work is inspired by the Triple Goddess, Earth Devas and Tree spirits.  Her art is about healing, after the loss of her health to Lyme disease and the passing of her nine-year-old son and Mother over a brief period.  Roxi’s paintings represent her own art therapy and she shares this healing through her work.

Follow Roxi on Instagram, Facebook under Roxi Art Work, and check out her web page at www.RoxiArtWork.ca.  Roxi’s decks and artwork are shipped internationally.

Learn more about the “Joy & Sorrow Oracle Cards” app

Lyn Thurman

Lyn Thurman is on a mission to bring back the gifts of the Divine Feminine in a world that’s gone a little crazy on masculine energy. She is the author of The Inner Goddess Revolution, creator of the Sea Whispers oracle card deck and founder of the Inner Goddess Circle. She’s passionate about tapping into our inner wisdom to make our lives (and the world) a better place.
When she’s not writing, EFT tapping or holding sacred space for clients, she’s often found by the water’s edge with a camera in hand.

Visit her website: www.lynthurman.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/LynThurmanPage/?fref=ts

Learn more about the “Sea Whispers Oracle Cards” app

Sundara Fawn

Sundara Fawn, MFA is a mystic visionary artist, muralist and writer. She shares her unique personal awareness, gained by many years of devotion to both the creative process and to her connection with the Divine. She demonstrates that the journey into an awareness of our divinity can be fun and creative as she shares beautiful artwork expressing Divine infinite power as she crafts life as art. Fawn’s art is universal and honors the truth manifest in all religions. It is recognized nationally and internationally and can be found on several book covers, CD jackets, cards and in numerous publications. She is also a professional graphic designer, layout artist and has illustrated several books.
Fawn is the founder of Reawakening the Soul Adventure Academy, an innovative self-empowerment program designed to expand one’s consciousness through art, imagination and self-awareness.

Visit her website at: www.sundarafawn.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/OracleTelevision/?fref=ts

Learn more about the “Soul Wisdom Oracle Cards” app

Carrie Kirkpatrick

Carrie Kirkpatrick is an international psychic and Goddess practitioner who has been giving readings professionally for over 30 years. She has appeared extensively on television as a psychic and a presenter of the esoteric genre. Carrie’s passion for working with the Goddesses spiritually and magically has inspired this deck and she has manifested these images through the medium of photography, adding yet another magical dimension to their presence. She has photographed and written two books: Goddess Enchantment – Magic & Spells: Volumes 1 & 2.
Carrie runs Goddess Enchantment Workshops & Training with Kleo Kay and loves to empower people by teaching them how to connect to the Goddesses and utilising this power to manifest positive change in their lives. She is also the founder of Oracle Television and Divine Media, producing television programmes and video content for the spiritual and esoteric world.

Visit her website at: www.oracletelevision.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/OracleTelevision/?fref=ts

Learn more about the “Goddess Enchantment Oracle Cards” app

Gaye Guthrie

Gaye Guthrie is a Psychic Medium who talks to her Angels every day, as they are always by her side helping her create magical, inspirational products for you to delight in. Gaye has been teaching about Angels and Psychic development in her Workshops and has been conducting readings since 1999. She is the founder of Angel Power Exclusive, whose mission is to inspire, uplift, nurture and empower the human spirit, through the medium of Angels.

Visit her website at: www.angelpowerexclusive.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/AngelPowerExclusivePtyLtd?fref=ts

Learn more about the “Mystical Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Lion Heart Empowerment Cards” deck…
Learn more about the “Angel Power Wisdom Cards” deck…

Doe Zantamata

Doe Zantamata was born and grew up in Canada, but has spent the second half of her life in sunny Florida, USA. Everyone is born with gifts, and hers is the gift of seeing the tiny thread that connects a mass of many seemingly unrelated thoughts together. An avid animal rescuer and nature lover, Doe’s work already inspired millions of people around the world.

Visit her website at: www.thehiyl.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/doehiyl.

Learn more about the “Happiness In Your Life Oracle” app

Elizabeth Ward

Elizabeth Ward has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, is an Empathic Energy Healer, and has over 20 years of experience with guided meditation and visualization practices. These days she finds herself drawn to making a difference in the world by teaching others to reclaim their innate intuitive abilities in order to discover their own answers and wisdom within. She offers self-paced, Intuition Made Easy e-courses in her online school, Wisdom Within Academy.

Visit her websites at: www.collaborativehearthealing.com  and wisdomwithin.teachable.com, or her Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/collaborativehearthealing?fref=ts.

Learn more about the “Wisdom Within Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Positive Energy Oracle Cards” deck…

Ashley Snow

Ashley Snow spent the last 10 years taking the road less traveled to find success in family, love, and healing.  With her first company, Angel Eyes and Monkey Toes, she performed over 2,500 healing in 40 different countries.  Following endless streams of creativity and a light-hearted, down-to-earth demeanor, she has taken her natural clairvoyant gifts and life-coaching experience to create inspiring and powerful oracle and guidance cards.  2016 offered new direction and a new brand, Ashley Snow Oracles.  This change empowered her to help those who feel they are ready to connect with their true self and seek profound guided-healing experiences.  Ashley offers weekly insight to her Facebook and Email subscribers with tips on meditation, focus points, possible blocks, essential oils, crystals, and tonal healing, along with weekly music playlists and Pinterest boards for continued fun and support!

Visit her website at: https://www.ashley-snow.com or her Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/channelingthesirenness

Learn more about the “Intuitive Mandala Oracle Cards” app

Nicole Feltovic

Nicole Feltovic is an artist, intuitive and Reiki teacher from Shelton CT. Nicole is a curious soul who enjoys looking deeply into the human psyche. She is fascinated by what’s hidden beneath the surface, and has “fallen down the rabbit hole” on more than one occasion. In her attempt to understand her environment, Nicole discovered the world of archetypes. The stories began to color her world; their messages sang to her, and life was never quite the same again.
A few years ago, she decided to create a deck of oracle cards from her paintings, and used these for doing readings. People were intrigued by her cards because they were based on fairy tales, something they could understand and relate to.  So she self-published the first edition of the deck in 2012, calling it “Angels, Archetypes and Fairy Tales”. That deck has evolved now into the Fairy Tales app.

Visit her website at: www.sacredmysteryarts.com, or her Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/SacredMysteryArts.

Learn more about the “Fairy Tales Oracle Cards” app

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed and best selling author, channel, and founder of www.Ask-Angels.com. Her books, MP3 Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD’s provide a direct link to the love, frequency and wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people all around the world. Melanie feels both honored and blessed to share the ever unfolding and expanding guidance, love and uplifting energy which flow through her as a result of her direct connection with the angels.

Visit her website at: www.ask-angels.com, or her Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/AskAngelsFan.

Learn more about the “Ask Angels Oracle Cards” app

Karen Nash

Karen Nash is a Psychic Medium, who has always been fascinated with the Spirit World. It wasn’t until she moved to the other side of the world, that the realization of all the weird and wonderful things that had happened in her life, began to make sense. Using the gift she has been given, Karen has brought confirmation and comfort to many with her messages from the Spirit World. Karen is also a Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Author of Discover Spirit at Any Age, her first book about her journey into the Spirit World.

Visit her website at: http://inspiredbyangels.com.au or her Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Karennashmedium.

Learn more about the “Floramations Oracle Cards” app

Tiffany Toland-Scott

Tiffany Toland-Scott started drawing mythical creatures as a child, and had her first show when she was 17 years old. She has been selling her work online and at art shows ever since. Her awarded work has been licensed for many international products, displayed all over the world, published in books, magazines, documentaries, and calendars.

Visit her website at: http://www.tiffanysrealm.com or her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/tolandart.

Learn more about the “Ancient Wisdom Oracle Cards” app

PromoBarbara Clark

Barbara Clark is an Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki Practitioner. She has extensive experience with other healing modalities such as The Zpoint Process, Divine Love Healing, T.A.T. and Emotrance. She is currently studying Advanced Clearing Energetics.

Her own health challenge in 2009 taught her the importance of learning to love and appreciate her body, get herself out of the way and allow her body to heal. She is passionate about teaching us that our bodies are not our enemies! They are always, always doing the very best they can to support us.
Barbara lives and works in beautiful, rural Southern Scotland and is always delighted to hear from you via her website, www.healing-affirmations.com or her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/BeyondAffirmations.

Learn more about the “Beyond Affirmations: What Your Body Wants To Hear” app
Learn more about the “Beyond Affirmations: Release, Heal & Transform” app

PromoJohn Cali

John Cali was born into a Roman Catholic family of Sicilian immigrants in western New York State. As a child, he would occasionally be visited by spirits. Though he didn’t understand what was happening at the time. In fact, it sometimes scared him. There was no one in his family or church who would or could help him. It scared them too.

In the early 1980s John took a spiritual development course, and was introduced to his first spirit guide, Lydia. After Lydia arrived, three other guides also came to him: Michael, Tamarra, and Joseph. Today these are John’s four main guides. Besides his four main ones, John has various other guides. The entire group is really a multidimensional collective consciousness. John refers to the entire group simply as “Spirit.”

At first John worked only privately with his guides. The guides eventually urged him to “go public.” He did so, but reluctantly. First with just a small circle of close family and friends. Then to a larger circle, until it’s grown to what it is today. In the late 1990s John started publishing Sentinels of the Sky Newsletter, now known as John Cali’s Spirit Speaks Newsletter. He also has a blog, John Cali’s Spirit Speaks Blog.

Learn more about the “Spirit Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Messages From Spirit” app…

PromoKelly T. Smith

Kelly T. Smith is a Mind, Body & Wellness Practitioner with an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree in holistic health care with a concentration in Mind-Body Transformational Psychology. She also holds a certification in Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy. She has been trained in a variety of holistic healing modalities as well, such as: NLP, holistic nutrition, past life regression therapy, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, psychology of intuition, energy healing and many others. Her mission in life is to help you realize your fullest potential, find your hidden gifts and break free from limiting beliefs that keep your true self hidden. She offers one on one sessions & intuitive readings via phone and skype as well as group coaching and online classes.

Learn more about the “Intuitive Life Coaching Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Guiding Light Oracle Cards” app…

Visit Kelly T. Smith’s website: www.intuitivelifecoachingwithkelly.com

PromoMichelle Newten

Michelle Newten is an Angel Intuitive trained by Dr Doreen Virtue in 2005. She has worked as a Registered Nurse Division 1 for the past 30 years. In 1999, she began studying a variety of Natural Therapies: Touch for Health I-IV (Kinesiology), Dip. Kinesiology (SNHS), Thought Field Therapist (Kinesiology), Dip. Crystal Healing (SNHS) and Hopi Ear Candling Cert.

Following the Angel Intuitive course, she developed the AOK Range of greeting cards & affirmation magnets. She founded the Angels of Kindness Fund in 2006 which aims to spread kindness world wide. She then published the ‘Angel Feather Oracle’, ‘The Angel Feather Oracle Companion Book’, ‘The Angel Staircase: Meditations for entering the Angelic Realm’ & ‘Angel Altars: Creating your own Sacred Space’. She regularly gives Angel seminars & workshops.

Learn more about the “Angel Feather Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Angel Staircase Meditations” app
Learn more about the “Archangel Michael’s Sword & Shield Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Angel Number Signs” app…

Visit Michelle Newten’s website: www.aokangelsofkindness.com

PromoPaul O’Brien

Paul O’Brien left an executive position to invent a category of software in 1989, which he developed into the world’s largest astrology and divination website (2001-2007).  He is the author of two books with a third in the works. Paul is a sought after speaker, visionary, entrepreneur, author and founder of the Divination Foundation.

Paul’s newest book The Visionary I Ching: A Book of Changes for Intuitive Decision Making, (Divination Foundation Press, January 2013) is a beautifully illustrated eBook that offers readers a tool for insight and managing change. Paul’s first book Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God (Visionary Networks Press, July 2007) showed how classical divination systems (like the I Ching) can still help people make better decisions resulting in better relationships, greater success and less stress. In all of his work, Paul shows how you can stimulate your intuition to think outside the box to solve problems that logic can’t handle — especially strategic personal and professional decisions we now must make more quickly than ever. The Divination book explains how divination systems work, their history, psychology, and how to apply such tools for activating intuition, making great decisions and realizing optimum results.

Paul has been the host of Pathways, a radio interview program focused on personal and cultural transformation for over 25 years, and currently writes the syndicated advice column Paulo’s Perspective and his Decision Maker’s Blog— both dedicated to helping people make better decisions and improve their timing.

Learn more about the “Visionary I Ching” app

Visit Paul O’Brien’s website: www.divination.com

PromoCrystal Wind (Antonio DeLiberato / Lisa Iris)

Crystal Wind is Canada’s Premier site for alternative spiritual life style and living site! This site has been designed for everyone and anyone who is seeking information, knowledge, tools for self-enlightenment and the divine guidance of self on the path to self-realization.

Crystal Wind came about to fill a need of creating an information repository and portal for all spiritual and healing methods and multimedia information on any and all aspects of achieving self realization. It could be viewed as a shift in consciousness data bank and archive.

Dedicated to helping and healing this planet and bringing information and resources to the world in a small effort to help bring about a shift in consciousness.

Lisa Iris paints in acrylics on canvas. She writes a monthly blog called “Of Myth and Magic” for www.crystalwind.ca. She describes herself as “a portraitist and dreamer”.

Learn more about the “Crystal Wind Oracle Cards” app

Visit Crystal Wind website: www.crystalwind.ca
Visit Lisa’s website: www.lisairis.ca

PromoDebbie A. Anderson

Born in England, Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way.  She has been insightfully using Tarot decks and giving intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.  She now lives in Western Canada.

Her psychic mediumship abilities have opened her to many mystical communications, including the creation of Vibrational Energy, which she defines as being “gifted” to her from spirit.  The Vibrational Healing Energy is a “hands on” healing technique which applies the gentlest touch of one vibration with another by way of communicating with the body, mind & soul, allowing the “self” to create an individual energy pattern to live and heal by.  This led her to the creation of both the “Vibrational Sound Therapy” CD & the “Vibrational Energy Cards”, a 52-Oracle card deck developed to allow all vibratory beings to discover and unlock the secrets to create inner and outer magical energy healing for themselves.

She is a writer, healer, medium, mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, friend and ever evolving spiritual vibrational being.

Learn more about the “Vibrational Energy Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “Vibrational Earth Children Oracle Cards” app
Learn more about the “I AM Sacred Affirmation Cards” deck

Visit Debbie A. Anderson’s website: www.vibrational-energy.com