Personal Power Oracle Cards deck now available!

We are delighted to share with you our third collaboration with the amazing Deja Drewit: the “Personal Power Oracle”. Find it now in our collection app, and try it for free! (if you are already using our Indie Goes Oracle Cards Collection app, be sure to update it to the latest version).

About the deck: Personal Power Oracle is designed to help you unlock your true inner power and allow you to realize your full potential. You are already beautiful and powerful, and you can now step into these superpowers. It’s not what we look like or how smart we are that make us worthy of love but our ability to recognize, embody and radiate self-love and confidence.
This deck was inspired by the creator’s struggle with low self-esteem and low confidence as a result of childhood bullying. After taking over a decade to fully heal and learn what true self-love really is, Deja was inspired to help others do the same through beautiful affirmation cards.

About the author and illustrator: Deja Osbourne is an artist & graphic designer in Southern California who began to create oracle cards after becoming a new single mother and quitting her full-time job. Deja is passionate about helping and empowering others to be healthy, happy, and truly fulfilled. She loves to create creative solutions to problems that help others.