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Important note: due to the many requests we receive on a daily basis, we need to remind authors that we don’t create oracle decks from scratch. Instead, we help them convert their already existing material into mobile apps. It means that if you are serious about this project, please send us some samples of your work (texts, illustrations, audio files for guided meditations) using the form below, so we can review them. In your message, you can also include links to your website, your Facebook / Twitter account, or anything that could showcase your creations. We won’t be able to answer partnership inquiries which don’t contain some examples. Thank you for your understanding.

    If you contact us for a partnership, please use the button below to attach a file (like a zip archive) containing samples of your work. The file size is limited to 9 MB. If you have bigger files, please host them on a file sharing platform (like Dropbox) and send us a link to that file. Thank you!