promobigIntuitive Mandala Oracle Cards

Available on iPhone / iPad and Android / Amazon devices.

The Intuitive Crystal Mandala is a 40 card oracle deck created using healing infused crystals. Each card holds the Divine energy of powerful crystal grids and then is magnified into mandala patterns. In addition to the meanings written on each card, further elaborations and meanings are given to help you tune into your natural intuition.

To fully utilize the healing and intuitive power of each card, breathe the mandala into each of your chakras or meditate on each crystal within the mandala, in a clockwise rotation, inwards towards the center.

Use the deck daily for messages from your inner self and Divine guidance team.  This is a fun, insightful and dynamic way to bring healing to your everyday life.

Key features:
– A complete deck of 40 cards*,beautifully illustrated, and covering many inspiring themes
– 3 types of readings (1, 3 or 5 cards)
– Save your readings to a journal for further reference
– Share your readings with your friends, by email or on Facebook!
*the full deck is available in the unlocked version

Download the app now by clicking one logo below, or get free readings by trying our online demo version or on Facebook!

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About the author: Ashley Snow spent the last 10 years taking the road less traveled to find success in family, love, and healing.  With her first company, Angel Eyes and Monkey Toes, she performed over 2,500 healing in 40 different countries.  Following endless streams of creativity and a light-hearted, down-to-earth demeanor, she has taken her natural clairvoyant gifts and life-coaching experience to create inspiring and powerful oracle and guidance cards.  2016 offered new direction and a new brand, Ashley Snow Oracles.  This change empowered her to help those who feel they are ready to connect with their true self and seek profound guided-healing experiences.  Ashley offers weekly insight to her Facebook and Email subscribers with tips on meditation, focus points, possible blocks, essential oils, crystals, and tonal healing, along with weekly music playlists and Pinterest boards for continued fun and support! Visit her website at:, or her Facebook page at: