Lion Heart Empowerment Cards released!

Now the Lion King movie is in theaters, and we have a surprise for all wild life lovers!  We just released another deck from our best selling author Gaye Guthrie: Lion Heart Empowerment Cards! You can now try this absolutely gorgeous deck for free in our Indie Goes Oracle Cards app. Enjoy!

About the deck: The Lion Heart Empowerment Cards deck, written by Gaye Guthrie and beautifully illustrated by Schim Schimmel, is designed to be used as an inspirational tool to gain insight and wisdom.

The cards are used as a learning device, for self-development, reading words of positivity that can help adjust your everyday language and attitude to be more productive and inspiring to your co-workers or class mates.

This deck is recommended for anyone from the ages of 15+, as we are all striving to achieve our personal best at any time of our lives. We are all in this together, to help, love and support one another for the betterment and enrichment of the human spirit. It is also recommended for positive youth development and those working with young people.

About the author: As a Life and Wellness coach, Gaye Guthrie created this card deck to help improve the quality of your life, helping you learn how to make choices that create an effective, balanced and fulfilling life.

Gaye believes that with courage and self-belief anything is possible. Gaye has been inspiring positive change in many people’s lives, after experiencing many of life’s setbacks and also achieving many positive goals. This card deck has been inspired by Gaye’s son who suffered chronic anxiety and depression, there is hope.

Gaye lives in Australia and is the founder of Angel Power Wisdom Pty Ltd whose purpose it is to inspire, uplift, nurture and empower the human spirit to be happy healthy and wise.

About the illustrator: Schim Schimmel is an internationally renowned artist/author whose artwork and books have been lovingly embraced world-wide for their beauty and environmental message. Although Schimmel paints in several different styles from realistic to contemporary pop, he became best know for his “environmental visionary surrealism,” a genre he pioneered in the 1990’s. The thematic message behind his different styles, as well as his books, is always the same-to care for, protect and preserve this plant and its animals.

Schimmel’s images have been licensed world-wide on puzzles, school supplies, calendars, apparel, coffee mugs, toys, greeting cards and more. He has authored seven books: four children’s books and three art books his collected works.