Magical Guidance Oracle Cards deck now available!

We are delighted to share with you our latest addition to the Indie Goes Oracle Cards collection: the “Magical Guidance Oracle” by Fleur Barnfather. Find it now in our collection app, and try it for free! (if you are already using our Indie Goes Oracle Cards Collection app, be sure to update it to the latest version)

About the deck: You know that you are an amazing multi-dimensional being, here to weave new pioneering pathways. But within this rich tapestry called life, you also appreciate a little assistance.
Do you have moments where it is almost like you are having a ‘Human Blackout’, amnesia about how incredible and multi-dimensional you truly are? A feeling like you just don’t fit into this world?
These cards can help bring back your ‘cosmic’ memory. They provide powerful reminders of your innate magic. They help to bring you back to your core power.
Often when we forget how amazing we are, it’s because our fears are running the show. Especially when life can seem to throw a series of curve balls, and we feel squeezed and squashed. These cards entice your fears to the back seat, allowing your wise divine self to lead and bring in more ease and grace.
There are suggestions and insights that activate even more of your natural power and intuition. Repetitions within the deck call forth greater alignment with core divine truths.
Live magically, passionately and vibrantly for yourself, for your loved ones, for our evolving New Earth.
Be Empowered. Together We Rise.

About the author and illustrator: Fleur is both the author and the illustrator of this deck.
She is a Visionary Creative, and is passionate about assisting with the positive evolution of our beautiful planet. She weaves new codes into everything that she creates and is an advocate for everyone living their best, most creative lives. She believes that the more we feel empowered, aligned and inspired, the more we help the whole evolution of all.