Positive Energy Oracle Cards released!

We are happy and proud to announce our second deck created in collaboration with Elizabeth Ward: Positive Energy Oracle Cards! Try it now for free in our Indie Goes Oracle Cards app.

About the deck: We all need a shot of positive energy and a kick in the pants towards our dreams. Because it doesn’t matter who you are or how much success you have had in your life; we have all gotten stuck, experienced moments of doubt, or a dark night of the soul. And in that moment of pain, despair, or suffering we have reached toward the light.
This oracle is quite simply, the light. It is a shot of pure, positive energy and vibrant light whose dynamic energy will zing you with a surge of empowering momentum towards your own ass-kicking, life-changing, world-saving dreams.
This 62-card deck combines all the positive strengths, wisdom and zazazing of the tarot, numerology, and the four elements, to give you a fresh, bright blast of energy, inspiration and pure warrior-of-light strength to see you through any circumstance…if you let it.
The Positive Energy Oracle offers a strong, uplifting, and empowering reminder that you got this, no matter what the “this” is, and that you are never, ever alone. This deck will guide you in both the dark moments and the light. Every card is infused with a bright, strong spark of wise, bootie-kicking energy that believes in your strength 100% and fist pumps the air every time you choose to get out of your own way and become that strong, empowered, way-shower of light that I know you want to be.

About the author:  Elizabeth Ward is a ninja-warrior goddess (at least in her own mind), a food lover of epic proportions and an empathic energy healer of technology (oh and people too!). In her free time, she enjoys earning degrees that will never be put to practical use, binge watching sci-fi movies, and pondering the great mystery of what cats are really thinking. Connect with her on Facebook at Positive Energy Gal.