Love Story Oracle Cards deck now available!

We are very excited to announce another new wonderful addition to our decks collection: the Love Story Oracle Cards, by Deja Drewit. Use this deck to get guidance in all your relationships! Try it now for free in our Indie Goes Oracle Cards app.

(if you already have the app but don’t see the deck, please update it to the latest version).

About the deck: The Love Story Oracle was created for you to be able to seek advice and guidance about love and romance relationships in your life. This deck includes journaling prompts to help you get clarity so you can make better decisions in your relationships.
Take control of your role in your relationships by using these cards to empower you rather than predict what will happen. It’s recommended to get a journal and keep it somewhere private. When pulling a random card, spend time answering the journaling questions honestly. Relationships take time, practice, and patience. They can also help us grow but only if we take the time to reflect and put effort into it.

About the author and illustrator: Deja Osbourne is an artist & graphic designer in Southern California who began to create oracle cards after becoming a new single mother and quitting her full-time job. Deja is passionate about helping and empowering others to be healthy, happy, and truly fulfilled. She loves to design creative and helpful solutions for others.