Manifest Success Affirmations Cards deck now available!

We are very excited to announce a new amazing addition to our decks collection: the Manifest Success Affirmations Cards, by Deja Drewit. Use this deck to manifest everything you want in your life! Try it now for free in our Indie Goes Oracle Cards app.

(if you already have the app but don’t see the deck, please update it to the latest version).

About this deck: Positive affirmations are very important to our success. Manifest Success Affirmation Cards are perfect for practicing daily to manifest success. Based on the law of attraction, what we think and believe is what affects our reality. These 45 cards were created to help you stay positive and train your brain to create your own reality.
Each card includes journaling questions or a mental exercise. This will help you uncover some beliefs that may have been blocking you from achieving true success. Sometimes just doing inner work on your mindset and beliefs can be enough to start seeing success showing up in your life.
It’s recommended to get a blank journal to work with these cards and writing down all of your successful manifestations. Journaling can be very helpful when doing inner work like your mindset and beliefs. As you journal and document all the things you’ve manifested, you will see all the progress you are making. Happy manifesting!

About the author: Deja Osbourne is an artist & graphic designer in Southern California who began to create oracle cards after becoming a newly single mother and quitting her full-time job. She wanted to help others heal from the same struggles she had growing up from bullying and having low self-esteem.
After realizing she had given too much power to others’ negative opinions – preventing her from believing in herself and pursuing true success in life –, she became passionate about helping and empowering people to shine their light in the world. Visit Deja’s website: