Sparkle & Shine Oracle Deck now available!

In those times of great changes (but also of great challenges), we need all the guidance we can get! That’s why we are very happy to announce a new wonderful addition to our decks collection: the Sparkle & Shine Oracle by Heather Davis. Try it now for free in our Indie Goes Oracle Cards app!

(if you already have the app but don’t see the deck, please update it to the latest version).

About this deck: The Sparkle and Shine Oracle deck was created by Heather Davis, to help you align with your soul, heal your past, and design the life of your dreams. Each channeled card holds ancient wisdom paired with realistic guidance to help you on your life’s journey.
Life is filled with challenges to help you learn and grow, but these challenges can be overwhelming. The Sparkle and Shine Oracle deck guides you through life’s toughest challenges with knowledge, love, compassion, insight, and support. Every card derives from the author’s personal life experiences. Through challenges and hardships, she has learned how to recognize and face tough life lessons, and share that information with the world in a loving, no-nonsense way.
The deck focuses on healing, facing fears, letting go of limiting beliefs, finding your inner power, energy, living life, love, and compassion. Whether you are a seasoned intuitive or are brand new to oracle decks, this deck will help you find your inner sparkle to shine out into the world.

About the author: From the time she was a child, Heather knew her life purpose was steeped in magic. Through many hardships and years of self-discovery, she finally found herself aligning with her true calling as a spiritual healer. Her tumultuous history has helped her develop a compassionate, but straightforward way of healing. Her work as an intuitive healer, psychic life coach, and Reiki master has taught her even more about life and spirituality. All of this knowledge is shared in the Sparkle and Shine oracle deck, along with Divine knowledge from her connection with Angels and Ascended Masters. Her ever-present goal is to help others heal, empower themselves, and love, so they can create magic in their lives. Visit Heather’s website: